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Trillian™ Bath Collection

Trillian faucet in modern bathroom showing sink and vanity

Defined by prismatic, faceted lines, the Trillian™ Bath Collection is an evolution of modern style with a classic, yet edgy look.


Emmeline™ Kitchen Collection

Spraying water coming out of Emmeline faucet in kitchen

The defined ridges of the Emmeline™ Kitchen Collection’s diamond-shaped spout cut a streamlined profile, balanced by captivating details that lend an elemental sense of old-world flair.

Coranto™ Kitchen Collection

coranto kitchen sink

A contemporary take on traditional styling, the Coranto™ Kitchen Collection brings calm and everyday elegance into a space.

Enjuagadora de vasos

Woman in grey shirt using gold glass rinser in modern kitchen

The Delta® Glass Rinser thoroughly rinses residue with powerful water jets that reach where you can’t.


In2ition® Multifunction 5-Setting Two-in-One H2Okinetic Shower

In2ition H2Okinetic Shower Faucet shows both shower head and detachable hand shower in action

The newest Delta In2ition Shower model comes with a detachable hand shower which can be used separately from or simultaneously with the shower head while maintaining a full-coverage shower experience even with the hand shower undocked.

UltraSoak™ Spray Innovation

Close up shot of square Ultra Soak showerhead with water coming out

The H2Okinetic® UltraSoak™ spray is designed for daydreaming and relaxing. Its saturating water patterns create a peaceful experience by mimicking the sensation of a dense, natural rainfall. This is the perfect choice to prepare for, or melt away, any kind of day.

Kayra™ Bath Collection

Young girl using Kyra faucet in bathroom to wash out sink

The unbroken lines of the Kayra™ Bath Collection create a clean, elevating design. Kayra features a single handle pull-down bath faucet that makes cleanup of toothpaste, dirt and debris easier.