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A Food52 + Delta Collaboration. For a special treat that will wow your friends or family, check out this Homemade Honeycomb Candy recipe! It's the perfect DIY gift for the holidays, birthdays, or just because. All it takes is one key ingredient to turn this simple mixture into a airy, crunchy candy. We know sometimes clean up can be tricky when all of the sugar gunk sticks to your pan, but with our ShieldSpray Technology, tidying up is just as easy as preparing the candy itself! Delta® ShieldSpray Technology cleans with laser-like precision while containing mess and splatter. Un chorro concentrado quita con potencia los restos difíciles de comida y, a la vez, un innovador escudo de agua rodea el chorro y el desorden para contener las salpicaduras, para que así pase menos tiempo remojando, fregando y cambiándose de camisa. Learn more about ShieldSpray Technology: See more DIY tutorials from Food52 at