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Good hygiene is more important now than ever, so we’ve taken a small step with your VoiceIQ™ Faucet to make it a little easier for you and your family to practice CDC-recommended handwashing techniques.

Ask your connected home device to “ask Delta to wash my hands” or to “activate handwash mode”:

  • The water will begin to flow. Run your hands under the stream to wet them.
  • The water will turn off for 20 seconds while you wash with soap.
  • Wash your hands until the water turns back on.
  • The water will turn back on for a 10 second rinse.

Keep your head up, wash your hands well, and enjoy time with your loved ones (even if it’s virtual). We will all get through this together.


Stay safe and stay healthy,

Your Friends at Delta


For more information view the CDC's information on hand washing